Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: June Deadlines for Notification of Tenure

Note to readers: This week, we are repeating a previous Faculty Rights Tip due to its timeliness and importance. 

Under Article 13: Tenure in our Collective Bargaining Agreement, June 1 is the contractual deadline for local campus administrators to notify probationary faculty of the final decision regarding retention, appointment with tenure, or appointment to a final terminal year.  

Under Article 14: Promotion, June 15 is the contractual deadline for promotion decisions.  

(February 15 is the date required for non-retention of probationary faculty who are on the job less than two years, and Promotion.) 

Some campuses set earlier dates, so check your campus calendar.

Usually, the notice will come from the campus president or his or her designee.  Faculty should check your local campus RTP policies to see who issues the final decision on a particular campus. 

During this busy time of the academic year, probationary faculty should check your campus mail regularly. If you receive a negative letter regarding reappointment or tenure, you should contact your CFA Faculty Rights Representative immediately. You have 42 days from the date you receive the notice to file an appeal through the grievance process. Do not wait until the last minute; contact your CFA faculty rights representative immediately.