Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Lecturers, Know Your Time Base Entitlement

As the end of the Spring term approaches, many Lecturer faculty are looking ahead to employment for Summer and Fall, and beyond. Many Lecturers have already begun to discuss Fall course offerings and assignments with their department chairs. 

Lecturers’ terms of employment are specified in appointment letters. The official notification of an appointment includes the beginning and ending dates of appointment, classification, time base, salary, assignment, and other conditions of employment. The appointment letter can guide Lecturers to understand what they are entitled to when their departments have available work in the future.

Time base entitlement is the term we use to describe the expectation of future work if that work is available.  When re-appointed to the Fall term after completion of two semesters or three quarters in the same academic year, a Lecturer will receive a one-year appointment at the previous year’s or higher time base.  If work is unavailable, the appointment may be reduced.  Lecturers (full- and part-time) who have taught one semester or two quarters in each of six consecutive years in the same department or equivalent unit, receive a three-year appointment with a time base entitlement based on the actual time base of the academic year preceding the three-year appointment.  The time-base entitlement for three-year contracts is set for the three-year period.

Unfortunately, Lecturers often do not receive appointment letters until after the term begins, especially in the fall of the academic year. If you are unsure of your time-base entitlement, the term of your appointment, or any other details related to your employment, you should refer to your most recent appointment letter.  If you need a copy, you should have one in your personnel file or you can request a copy from your department chair or academic personnel administrator.

When you know your time base and entitlement rights, you’re better able to advocate for yourself. Be vigilant and proactive in protecting your rights, and know that CFA has your back if you have questions, difficulties, or if you believe your workplace rights, as outlined in the CBA, have been violated.

For an excellent summary of your rights as a Lecturer, see the Lecturers’ Handbook, 2019-2020 here.

Please contact your campus CFA Faculty Rights representative if you feel your entitlement rights are not being upheld.