Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: New & Available Temporary Work for Lecturers

Article 12.29 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the assignment order for new or additional work for Lecturers in a department. New or additional work is work that remains after all full-time workload and all incumbent part-time Lecturer time-base entitlements have been met.

“New or additional work” must be offered first to qualified three-year Lecturers and then to other qualified one-year incumbent lecturers before new Lecturers may be hired. Once entitlements for three-year Lecturers have been met and careful consideration given to other incumbent Lecturers, 3-year and 1-year qualified incumbent Lecturers must be offered additional available work up to and including a 1.0 time base before new Lecturers can be hired.

Because not all campus administrators and department chairs have a full awareness of their obligations with respect to assigning new and available work for Lecturers, it is important to take be proactive. Consider taking the following steps:

  • Meet with the department chair each term to discuss and suggest classes you can teach.
  • Request in writing a subsequent appointment and include a list of classes that you are qualified to teach.
  • Review department and campus guidelines for evaluation and appointment of Lecturers to make sure your department follows them.

As in other areas of the contract you should be proactive and vigilant. If you feel your rights have been violated, seek assistance from your campus CFA Lecturer representative, campus CFA faculty rights representative, or chapter staff representative as soon as possible.

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  • If you have questions about a faculty rights tip or would like to suggest a tip please write us with the subject line “Faculty Rights Tip.”