Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Office Hours & Course Syllabi

Many of us are currently preparing our syllabi for Spring Term Classes. Faculty often ask, how many office hours must I hold per week?

The collective bargaining agreement does not explicitly spell out how many office hours a faculty member must hold. It does, however, specify that office hours are part of regular faculty duties. 

Specific office hour policies are developed locally on each campus through joint-decision making and faculty governance. There may be some variation in policies from campus to campus.  

It’s important to note that these policies must not cause an “excessive” or “unreasonable” workload and there are protections for this in Article 20 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

To learn how many office hours a faculty member must hold per week, seek out the policies on your local campus.

Also, as you prepare your syllabus for the spring we recommend you insert the following statement:

“The California Faculty Association is in the midst of a difficult contract dispute with management. It is possible that the faculty union will call a strike or other work stoppage this term. I will inform the class as soon as possible of any disruption to our class meeting schedule.”