Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Outside Employment

Article 35 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) covers outside employment.

This provision of the CBA stipulates that outside employment “shall not conflict with the normal work assignments or satisfactory performance of all duties of the faculty unit employee.” Upon written request from the appropriate administrator, full-time faculty shall provide a written statement of the approximate distribution of time devoted to continuous outside employment during the academic term.  There is a specific form for reporting this found in Appendix G of our CBA.

Such requests from administrators are not issued on “blanket” basis to all full-time faculty every semester, but rather when the administrator has determined that such information is necessary to assure there is no conflict with the normal duties of specific faculty members.

Full-time faculty members are required to report outside employment if it is expected to exceed:

  • One hundred sixty (160) hours per semester for faculty holding academic year or ten (10) month appointments at a semester campus.
  • One hundred ten (110) hours per quarter for faculty holding academic year or ten (10) month appointments at a quarter campus.
  • One hundred twenty (120) hours per three (3) month period for faculty holding twelve (12) month appointments.

It is important to remember that CSU management cannot prohibit employees from taking on “outside employment” or require reporting in ways that are inconsistent with Article 35.

If have questions about faculty rights, contact your faculty rights representative.

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