Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Parking Rates

Has your campus threatened to raise parking rates for all employees, including faculty? Well they can’t do that until after June 30, 2018 and they will have to bargain with CFA for any proposed increase.

Parking rates are and were negotiated with other terms and conditions of employment. See article 32.22 for more. 

Under that article the CSU Administration could have re-opened on parking fees for faculty during the life of the current contract and it was originally “on the table” in the re-opener bargaining of 2015-2016. But in those negotiations the CSU Administration agreed to status quo for parking. As you may recall, we settled on a series of raises and other terms.

That means that your local campus administration may not raise parking rates for faculty unless the CSU Administration negotiates with CFA for such an increase in bargaining.

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