Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Reduction in Workload for New Probationary Faculty

In order to assist new probationary tenure-track faculty in their first two years of their appointment Article 20.36 of our Faculty Contract provides for a reduction in direct teaching assignments.  In other words, new probationary faculty have a reduced course load in their teaching assignment for their first two years.

On semester campuses, the reduction is at least six (6) Weighted Teaching Units (WTUs) per academic year, normally two (2) courses per year.  On quarter campuses, the reduction is at least twelve (12) WTUs per academic year, normally a reduction of three (3) courses per year.

This workload reduction was specifically designed to assist new probationary faculty in establishing programs of research, scholarship, and/or creative activities, and also to support new faculty in meeting the requirements for retention, tenure, and promotion. The provision was never intended to add to faculty expectations, but instead to make workload reduction fair and uniform for all probationary faculty.

Article 20.36 was originally set to expire in June of 2017, but it was specifically extended in our most recent contract extension and will continue in effect through June 30 of 2020.

If you have questions about your workload you should contact your local CFA Faculty Rights Representative.

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