Faculty Rights tip of the week: Salary Increases—“Raises”

This is a new feature for the CFA Headlines. CFA will run regularly a brief “faculty rights tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.


Article 31 of the CSU/CFA Contract contains the salary information bargained in the current contract. In successor bargaining, we hope to see funded raises. Here’s a quick review of the types of salary increases for which we bargain.

General Salary Increase (GSI). All Unit 3 employees receive all bargained GSIs. A GSI is for everyone.

Service Salary Increase (SSI). Eligible faculty currently receive SSIs only in years when they are funded. Only one SSI can be awarded per year, and members at the top of their salary range steps are ineligible.

Equity Increases. Equity Increases are intended to repair inequitable salary structures such as salary inversion and compression. In short, due to dates of hiring and periods of no funded SSI raises, more senior faculty find themselves earning less than new hires who come in at closer to ever-rising nationwide market rates.
Market Increases. Salary adjustments that may be made based on market considerations. Faculty members must apply to the campus president for a Market Increase and they must supply demonstrations that they should be paid more. Like merit pay, Market Increases leave much to the discretion of management.

Range Elevation. Salary increases available to lecturers who have been in their salary range for five years and are at the SSI maximum for that range. This allows them to move from Range A to B, B to C, or C to D. If granted, a range elevation brings a salary increase of at least 5%. Campuses are required to notify lecturers who are eligible to apply for a range elevation at least 30 days prior to the campus deadline for submitting the range elevation application (see Article 12.18).

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