Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What is HEERA?

HEERA is the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act. It was passed by the California Legislature in 1978 and enacted in 1979.

It covers employer-employee labor relations for the CSU and the UC systems. (Different acts provide for Community Colleges, K-12, and other state employees.) HEERA is similar to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), but it is tailored to public employees in the CSU and UC.

HEERA provides a number of employee and union rights including our right to collective bargaining.  Additionally, HEERA sets out the steps in our bargaining process – including factfinding.  When we complete factfinding, we can take job actions up to and including a strike.

See the complete text of HEERA: http://www.perb.ca.gov/laws/HEERA.aspx