Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What’s in the Appendix?

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “Faculty Rights Tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.

FACULTY RIGHTS TIP:  What’s in the Appendix?

What are the Appendices of the Collective Bargaining Agreement?

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement contains nine different appendices.  These appendices include lists of the included and excluded job classifications in our unit, the salary schedule, the grievance form, the criteria for 1 and 3 year appointments, the framework for the equity program, the outside employment disclosure form, and various Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs).  

This last appendix is especially useful.  It contains the “Supplemental Agreements and Letters of Contractual Intent” and covers agreements that go back to 1985.  It includes agreements on Post Retirement CSU Employment, the Forgivable Loan Program, Service Salary Increases, various issues on workload, and a variety of other important topics.

These appendices help with interpretation and intent in existing contract language and are especially useful for those involved in faculty rights work.

If you want to learn more about faculty rights on your campus contact your local faculty rights representative.  You can find your campus CFA Chapter Faculty Rights Representative at http://www.calfac.org/faculty-rights-chapter-representatives.

If you have questions about a faculty rights tip or would like to contribute a tip, please feel free to write us at cfa@calfac.org with the subject line “Faculty Rights Tip.”To learn more about faculty rights contact your campus CFA representative.