Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What’s in your Personnel Action File? (Part 2)

Every faculty member has a Personnel Action File (PAF). It’s the only official personnel file for employment information and information that may be relevant to personnel recommendations or actions. 

Occasionally an administrator may seek to put information into a faculty member’s PAF that is not part of the regular periodic review. Article 11 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines the due process that must be followed in these cases. 

Here are some important things to know if you learn something is going to be placed into your PAF:

  • You must be provided a copy of the materials 5 days prior to it being placed in your file.
  • You can request a meeting with the administrator to discuss the material within 5 days of receiving that material.
  • You have the right to place a written rebuttal to any material placed in your file.
  • Materials placed in your PAF must be identified by source and must indicate the author, the committee, the campus office, or the name of the officially authorized body generating the material.
  • Once material is placed in your file there is still an appeal process to have it removed under Articles 11.13 and 11.14.

If you learn that material is going to be placed into your PAF, you should contact a CFA Faculty Rights Representative immediately. 

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