Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Your Union Supports You Year-Round

As there is generally a seasonal rhythm to our working lives as faculty, we often scale back the intensity of our communications in the summertime. For the next two months, CFA’s weekly headlines will be going on hiatus. However, our work on your behalf continues.

If you have any concerns or questions for your campus faculty rights chair, you can click here to locate the advocate(s) on your campus. You can also reach out to your CFA staff representative here: https://www.calfac.org/campus-cfa-chapters.  

Faculty retain all rights in the Collective Bargaining Agreement throughout the summer, including the right to grieve or seek union representation. Please do contact us if you have concerns about your Fall appointment; discrimination; health and safety; discipline including dismissal or suspension, any unpaid work being expected of you during the summer, and so on.

We remain at your side in these challenging times for the CSU, our state, and our nation. As unions teach us, “An injury to one is an injury to all.” Your faculty rights teams will continue to prevent, tend to, and defend you against injury in every season.

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