Faculty Rights Tip: We’ve Got Your Back

In the post-election environment, faculty may feel they are under attack from emboldened political groups wishing to intimidate them. Allegations or actions taken by these groups could lead to campus investigations. And to avoid perceived negative media coverage or appease political interests, the campus may not do a thorough investigation and attempt to unjustly impose sanctions upon the faculty.

Don’t Worry. CFA has your back.

Faculty have the right to bring an advocate on board as soon as any investigation begins. Our Faculty Contract guarantees due process rights including the right to appeal discipline. If the administration insists on imposing discipline, faculty have the right to a hearing before an independent arbitrator, the State Personnel Board, or before a Faculty Hearing Committee. 

CFA will aggressively defend the rights of all faculty, as guaranteed by our contract, and we want to hear from you if you are under attack from anti-union and anti-academic freedom forces. Faculty in the CSU should not feel intimidated or threatened by the partisan political activities or allegations of any political group, and now more than ever we need to stand together in solidarity.

Contact your campus faculty rights rep if you need help or want to join with us in fighting for public higher education and the faculty of the CSU.

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