Faculty showed the Love for a #FairContractCFA

CSU faculty throughout the state used Valentine’s Day week to sent a clear message that they would “love” a fair contract and that they support their bargaining team.

Events by CFA chapters on nearly every campus highlighted the commitment of our faculty to push for fairness at the bargaining table. The faculty contract is set to expire June 30.

The Valentine-themed events, ranging from T-shirt giveaways to “Calfac-a-chinos,” brought greater visibility to our contract talks.

At Cal State LA, for example, CFA collected more than 100 “I support a fair contract because …” heart-shaped cards from faculty and more than 300 student cards in addition to giving out nearly 75 “Love for a Fair Contract” T-shirts.

At Pomona, more than 30 faculty signed hearts to send to the campus president.