Faculty, students’ advocacy pays off—Governor’s budget revise includes increased funding for CSU

Increased funding for the CSU continues to be part of the state budget proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom thanks to advocacy efforts by faculty, staff, students and the support of lawmakers who understand the need to reinvest in public higher education.

On May 9, Gov. Newsom released his May Revise of the proposed state budget, which includes an additional $570 million in ongoing and one-time funds. The additional funding also addresses student food and housing insecurity and homelessness, and money for programs that support foster youth and help formerly incarcerated individuals seek degrees.

“Gov. Newsom has a history of fighting for the CSU and we are grateful that he continues to show a serious commitment to investing in the People’s University,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said. “For more than 30 years, funding for the CSU has been decreasing as our student population grew increasingly more diverse. The additional funding marks a real reversal in that trend and one that we hope will be the beginning of several more years of augmentations under the Governor’s leadership that will sustain our university system.”

For years, CFA activists and students have enthusiastically advocated for the additional funding the CSU needs. On April 30, we met with legislators and Capitol staff to highlight the need to #FundTheCSU, and highlight budget allocations that would directly benefit CSU faculty and students.

In the coming weeks, we will work with our legislative allies to ensure the additional funding is allocated to increase student enrollment, hire more tenure track faculty, and improve counselor-to-student ratios in the CSU.

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