Faculty, students, Chancellor call for more CSU funding from state

CSU faculty, students and administration advocated for stepping up state funding for the system at an Assembly hearing last week.

The governor proposes to increase CSU funding by about 5 percent, but many, including the CSU administration, believe more is needed.

CSU Chancellor Tim White, for example, testified that while he is grateful for the proposed budget increase, an additional $95 million is needed.

We are not meeting the demand for higher education in the state, explained, saying, “This past fall we denied admission to 30,000 fully qualified students.” And, the CSU may deny more than that this fall.

He said students and their families make sacrifices and do the work “and ‘there’s no room at the inn’ seems like a bankrupt contract with our population.”

CSU faculty, students and alumni also testified at the hearing, telling the committee that more funding isn’t just wanted – it’s absolutely necessary in order to maintain quality public higher education.

“It’s been six years – we’ve seen declines in faculty and increases in students,” said Kevin Wehr, president of CFA’s Sac State chapter. “We’ve been unable to absorb that through volunteering our work. It’s not sustainable … It’s not fair to the students and it’s not fair to the people of California.”

To watch faculty, students, Chancellor White and higher ed officials testify, click here.