Faculty, students help fight hunger at Cal State LA

CFA members and students at Cal State LA have started a food pantry this month to combat hunger on campus.

More than 50 people frequented the food pantry the first week, and interest is growing daily.

On Tuesday, the pantry was only open for two hours and 40 people came through, said Beth Baker-Cristales, an Anthropology Professor at Cal State LA and CFA activist. 

Supplies are provided to the pantry, which is located in a corner of Baker-Cristales’ office, through faculty and student donations. One donor provided a large check, but in-kind donations, cash, and donations via Amazon Wishlist, which can be shipped directly to the pantry, are welcome. Donations also can be made via a YouCaring account.

As evidenced by the number of people using the pantry, there is quite a need. Some students are feeding families while others come in for a snack to help get them through the day. All are thankful.

“Many of the students in the dorms report not being able to pay for a food plan and have frequent hunger,” she said. “Some faculty, particularly adjunct faculty, experience frequent hunger or an inability to get nutritious food.”

Requests for toiletries like shampoo and conditioner have come in, and those products went fast too. “It’s not just hunger, but a need for basic supplies.”