Faculty, students serenade Gov. Brown at Capitol; sing the CSU needs $325 million

CFA officers and activists, along with students and community allies, sang a message to Gov. Jerry Brown following his news conference announcing the May Revise plan for the 2017-18 State Budget.

The serenade drew the attention of State Capitol staff as well as members of the news media who were there to hear the governor explain his latest budget plan.

The song speaks of $324.9 million, which is the dollar amount the CSU Trustees requested above what the state provided this year.

How do you value the CSU?
In futures, in graduates
In courses, in student learning
In teaching, in funds

Degrees, not debt

Three hundred twenty-four million, nine hundred thousand
How do you value an education?

Click here to see the full lyrics to #325Million

The amount accounts for increased numbers of students, addresses some (though not all) of the lingering underfunding due to budget cuts in the past, and would help the CSU offer more course sections, which are needed to help students complete their degrees.

If the full $324.9 million is provided, the CSU Trustees also promise to rescind a 5 percent student tuition increase they adopted in March for the coming academic year.

After completing the song, CFA President Jennifer Eagan and other faculty delivered some 300 personal, hand-written letters from faculty, students and alumni in which each explained why adequate state funding for the CSU is important.

See a CFA Photo Gallery of the serenade for the CSU at the Capitol