Faculty: We need you at the State Capitol on April 4 to say ‘Governor—Fund the CSU!’

As debate unfolds at legislative hearings on state funding for public higher education, CFA activists from San Diego to Humboldt are preparing for a day of action at the State Capitol on April 4.

That’s the day we will return to tell Gov. Brown and state legislators to #FreeTheCSU and #FundTheDream

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed 2018-19 state budget includes just $92.1 million in additional funding for the California State University. That’s simply not enough. CFA proposes the CSU budget augmentation be $422.6 million, which would increase access to the CSU for an additional 18,205 students.

At the first legislative hearing on public higher education funding last week, students and faculty described the setbacks that will be suffered both by students and California’s economy if our state’s leaders don’t reinvest in putting degrees into more students’ hands.

More legislative hearings are coming up, including on March 1 in Fresno by the state Assembly’s Select Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education in California.

State funding for the CSU will be a main topic of a hearing by the state Senate Budget Subcommittee 1 on Education on March 15 at 9:30 am at the State Capitol, Room 3191. CFA urges faculty and students to attend in support of funding for the CSU. Email CFA’s Government Relations Office to RSVP and get more information.

But speaking at hearings alone will not get the job done.

That is why CFA calls on you and other supporters of the CSU, of our students, our faculty and campus communities, of our mission to educate Californians, and of the future success of this state, to come to the State Capitol on April 4.

Campus CFA Chapters are organizing contingents to head to Sacramento, including buses from some CSU campuses.

We need you to show up and raise your voice to restore funding to the CSU so we can serve students and do our jobs. Your participation will help to drive home that message. RSVP here to attend