The Fight for 15 on April 15

CFA members are marching and rallying today as part of the national “Fight for 15

Marches and rallies in 200 cities and towns are advocating for “15”–be it $15 an hour or $15,000 a class—and the right to form a union.

Adjunct faculty, fast food cashiers and cooks, retail clerks, child care workers, home care providers and airport workers—these are the many kinds of working people at the center of this battle.

They are friends, neighbors and family. They struggle to provide for their families, while  management profits. Their hardships are real. And sadly, they sound all too familiar to CSU faculty members of all ranks.

This familiarity is evoked in heartbreaking personal stories in CFA’s latest paper—“Race to the Bottom: Losing Ground & Losing Faith” 

Along with whatever else you are able to do in the “Fight for 15,” please share CFA’s Race to the Bottom papers with colleagues and friends via email, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Top: Faculty march through the streets of Berkeley for “15. Left to right: San Francisco CFA chapter president Sheila Tulley, CFA President Lillian Taiz, CFA staffers Becky Asami and Kat General. Photo by East Bay faculty member Scott Hopkins.
Bottom: Debating the issues and getting ready for the march this morning in Los Angeles. Left to right: Leone Hankey and Lenore Vazquez of Cal State L.A. with Chuck Marchese and Michelle Cerecerez, CFA staffers. Photo by CFA staffer Jackie Teepen.

Sampling of news reports on the Fight for 15: