Gov. Brown signs bill against guns on campus

Gov. Brown signed into law last weekend Senate Bill 707 that, among other things, extends the  Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 to college and university campuses in California. The bill severely restricts who and when a person can possess a gun at or near any school or campus.

Read about the SB 707 on the California Legislative Information web site

As for the matter of guns on campuses in other states, here is the “Guns on Campus: Overview” by the National Conference of State Legislatures:

“Due to recent state legislation and court rulings, 8 states now have provisions allowing the carrying of concealed weapons on public postsecondary campuses. These states are Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.”

On the other hand, NCSL reports:

“Currently (as of 10/5/15—Ed.), there are 19 states that ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming.”