Gov signs CFA-sponsored bill to increase oversight of Early Start Program

Assemblymember Jose Solorio

On Friday Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2497 authored by Assemblymember Jose Solorio (AD39) and sponsored by CFA.

The bill will increase accountability and legislative oversight of CSU’s controversial mandatory Early Start Program.

The new law will require—beginning January 1, 2014, and every two years thereafter—that the Legislative Analyst’s Office, in coordination with the CSU, submit a report to the Legislature detailing the impact of the CSU Early Start Program on student math and English proficiency. The law also will increase accountability and legislative oversight of the CSU regarding the outcomes of new programs.

“We thank Assemblymember Solorio and Governor Brown for their support of a common-sense, cost-effective measure that allows us to assess if spending resources on this program is a good use of scarce university and student dollars.” said Kim Geron, CFA vice president and a professor of political science at CSU East Bay.