Governor’s May Revise budget plan for CSU still tight

As the process to adopt a 2016-17 State Budget approaches its finale, Gov. Brown released his “May Revise” with adjustments to the budget plan he proposed in January.

The Revise takes into consideration April tax receipts and new developments during the intervening months.

In his Revise, Brown proposed a one-time sum of $25 million in addition to the funding increase proposed in his January plan. He specified this money is for programs that speed more students to graduation in fewer years.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan issued a statement on behalf of CFA calling for $101 million over the governor’s January plan.

In light of the governor’s caution in the coming year’s budget plan, Eagan pointed out:

“The CSU is the critical piece to solving a puzzle confounding California policy-makers: where will the state will get the million more college-educated people it needs over the next 10 years to keep our seventh largest economy in the world moving? The answer to that question is the California State University.”

The debate over how state money is allocated is now in the state legislature.