Governor’s ‘May Revise’ would reduce his prior plan to fund the CSU

Unfortunately, the governor calculated that the Trustees’ tuition increase justifies reducing his state funding plan for the CSU.

In his May Revise, which adjusts his prior plan based on tax receipts in April, he now proposes a $155.2 million increase over this year, falling far short of the CSU Trustees’ request; it is even less than the amount he proposed in January.

As CFA President Jennifer Eagan pointed out in a statement from CFA expressing dismay about the governor’s May Revise, “students and the faculty who teach them are the ones who will feel this loss. There will be fewer class offerings, fewer faculty to teach, and students will drop out.”

Of course, the debate over CSU funding is not over. Now, CSU advocates shift attention to members of  the state legislature.  Eagan said, “Now, we call on members of the California State Legislature to step up and do what Governor Brown did not. They must ensure the 2017/18 State Budget funds the California State University by $325 million above the current year funding.”

Between now and June 15, members of the state Assembly and state Senate will debate the shape of the State Budget and send their plan to the governor; he will have until June 30 to sign or reject it.

PHOTO: View of students protesting taken from inside the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in March. At that meeting the Trustees voted to raise tuition by 5 percent but promised to rescind the tuition hike if the state gives the CSU another $325 million in funding.