Grievance underway on lead-contaminated water at Sacramento campus

The Sacramento CFA Chapter will host an all-campus Town Hall meeting next Wednesday, May 10, noon to 1 pm in Sequoia 338, to explore revelations that about 85% of campus drinking water has detectable levels of lead.

It is a health hazard that, according CFA Chapter President Kevin Wehr, has not been adequately addressed by the campus management.

“Out of urgent concern about health and environmental safety for faculty, staff, students, and children on campus, we requested information from the administration about what was known, what was not yet known, and what the remediation plan was,” Wehr wrote in an open letter inviting everyone on campus to the CFA Town Hall. “The response was, to put it nicely, underwhelming.”

The CFA Chapter has posted on the chapter’s web page extensive links to the information available to date, along with information about lead, and the letter detailing the problem. In the letter, CFA lays out near-term measures the campus management should take.