GSI raise in Dec 1 paychecks; Learn about other gains in the faculty contract

All CSU faculty are benefitting from the 3.5% General Salary Increase that appeared in our December 1 paychecks.

But, did you know there are gains that many faculty can get under the contract negotiated by CFA’s Bargaining Team? Each program has its own requirements, and it is well worth checking into them.

Two of these require that you apply for them once you become eligible.

One is Range Elevation. It is the formal process through which Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salary by moving from one salary range to the next.

Another, known as an Exceptional Service Award, is assigned time available to faculty who work well beyond the norm for students. This award was developed by the CFA Council for Affirmative Action and negotiated into the Contract by CFA’s Bargaining Team in light of the extraordinary work demands that fall on certain faculty, in many cases faculty of color, to compensate for the shortage of diverse faculty for our very diverse student body.

“CFA strongly urges faculty who are eligible to apply for this award,” says David Bradfield, Chair of CFA’s Representation Committee. “If the application deadline on your campus has passed, or some other obstacle arises, then apply again in the coming year. Ask your campus CFA Chapter for guidance. We want faculty to benefit.”

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RANGE ELEVATION: The application periods and deadlines for Range Elevation vary widely by campus. The application deadline at CSU San Marcos is this month—Dec 17. There are deadlines in early 2019 at many campuses, including Bakersfield (Feb 1), Chico (Mar 10), Fresno (Mar 15), Fullerton (Feb 25), Monterey Bay (Feb 1), Pomona (Jan 15), Sacramento (Mar 15), San Bernardino (Feb 1), and Sonoma (Jan 15). Be sure to check the details at your campus.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AWARDS: Article 20.37 of our Contract (continued into 2018-2020 in the contract extension) provides assigned-time funds for exceptional service in:

“student mentoring, advising, and outreach, especially as these activities support underserved, first-generation, and/or underrepresented students; the development and implementation of high-impact educational practices; curricular redesign intended to improve student access and success; service to the department, college, university, or community that goes significantly beyond the normal expectations of all faculty; assignment to courses where increases to enrollment have demonstrably increased workload; and other extraordinary forms of service to students.”

Campus Academic Senates establish criteria and procedures, and faculty committees recommend to the appropriate administrator the awards to be made. The application process varies by campus; contact your campus Academic Affairs or Faculty Affairs office for information.