Help us urge Gov. Brown to sign critical legislation!

CSU counselors will be at several campuses in the coming week, encouraging faculty and staff to send emails to Gov. Brown urging him to sign legislation that would improve student mental health services in the CSU.

The Legislature passed SB 968, authored by Sen. Richard Pan, which would increase the number of counselors on CSU campuses. It is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. The professional recommended ratio is one counselor per 1,500 students. Currently, the ratio on CSU campuses is far higher, in some cases as much as one counselor per 3,000 students. 

On Thursday, counselors will be at Sonoma State encouraging colleagues, students, and staff to send a message to Gov. Brown using our Take Action email tool. The “Tissues for Issues” display then moves to Sacramento State next week.

About 61 percent of college students experience overwhelming anxiety, which can be exacerbated by stressors such micro-aggressions and racism, cyberbullying, isolation, and loneliness. In the CSU, where a majority of students are students of color, low-income, and are the first in their families to go to college, these may be experienced in even greater numbers.

“Our students need our help, and every one of us has the opportunity to help right now by telling Gov. Brown to please sign this legislation,” said Mimi Bommersbach, a Chico State Counselor and Chair of CFA’s Counselors’ Committee.

Click here to send a message to Gov. Brown asking him to sign SB 968 today!

Another piece of CFA-sponsored legislation also is on the governor’s desk. SB 1421, authored by Sen. Nancy Skinner, would make available to the public records in cases involving sexual assault or dishonesty in criminal investigations, where accusations were sustained after due process.

The bill also would make available records related to police shootings and other serious or deadly uses of force incidents after 180 days or after an investigation has concluded.

With increasing police presence on CSU and in the community, and increasing numbers of students of color enrolled in the CSU, it’s critical that there is accountability and transparency for police officers who abuse the public trust. Gov. Brown needs to sign this bill in order to protect faculty, students, and community members in and around our campuses.

Click here to send a message to Gov. Brown, asking him to sign SB 1421.