Higher Ed in the ‘Fight for 15’—Action on April 15

On Tax Day April 15, SEIU and advocates for underpaid-paid workers across the U.S. will rally and protest about the rapid decline in access to middle class jobs and livable wages.

Here in California, CFA members will join in.

All faculty are affected by the “Fight for 15” to set a floor from which all salaries and wages can build.

CSU Lecturers are particularly affected and the Adjunct Action organizing project will participate in the events that day, alongside fast-food workers, home care workers and may other categories of underpaid working people.

Among the meetings points for the larger actions confirmed so far are…

Los Angeles: Figueroa & 28th Streets, 11 am
Berkeley: Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley, 3 pm
Sacramento: Crocker Park (3rd and Capitol Mall, 11:30 am
Fresno: Manchester Mall (across from McDonalds at 1901 E. Shields Ave), 11 am

Track the developing plans…

On the web: april15.org
On Twitter: @fightfor15    #fightfor15
On Facebook: facebook.com/Fightfor15