Is an hour of your time worth $250 million?

Proposition 55 doesn’t just benefit Californians by providing critical funding for K-14 public education. It also would help protect state funding for the CSU system—about $250 million per year to be specific.

That’s why CFA is asking faculty to take action to educate colleagues and voters about the need to vote YES on Prop 55. Even just an hour of making calls to colleagues can make a difference come Election Day on Nov. 8. Talk about an #Hour4Power!

Thanks to new technology, phone banking is now done through an online system, and calls can be made from the comfort of your own home, backyard or coffeehouse. It’s never been easier to get involved.

Click here to sign up to take political action today.

Let us know how and where you phone bank! Send us a selfie or photo of your phone banking efforts. You can also tweet us @CFA_News, or post your photo to Facebook and use #Hour4Power.

Also, vote-by-mail ballots will be arriving soon. Be sure to check out our new, personalized CFA Voter Guide before completing your ballot. Need to update your voter registration or register to vote? Click here to register; it only takes a few minutes.