How faculty pay numbers cover up the truth

In its effort to undermine our fight for 5% (and an SSI for those eligible), CSU management has promoted a distorted version of faculty salaries.

While CFA is interested in what ALL faculty earn, the Chancellor’s Office’s discussion of “average salary” focuses on the salaries of those who earn the most and limits the analysis by in two ways:

One, management often uses the average salaries of “full professors” to promote the idea that our members are well paid, and

Two, management often only talks about tenure-line faculty, the faculty with permanent jobs.

Actually, even our senior faculty, people with anywhere from 12 to 40 years of quality scholarship and teaching, are underpaid compared to others around the nation with their level of education and experience.

The average salaries used by CSU management are meaningless because, at this point, our colleagues on the tenure-line are only about 40% of all CSU faculty.

The big trend in CSU management — the one CSU management does not like to discuss — is to hire faculty into temporary lecturer teaching jobs at very low pay.

The proportion of people with lecturer jobs has expanded to nearly 60% of all CSU faculty.

Worse, the average earnings of this segment of our colleagues is only $27,000. 

These earnings are terrifically low because very few Lecturers can get CSU management to give them a full-time teaching load.

The truth is that the average earnings of ALL faculty in the CSU is down to about $44,000.