Humboldt Chapter of CFA named “Union of the Year” in Humboldt County

MAY 2016—The CFA Chapter at Humboldt State has been honored by the Humboldt-Del Norte Central Labor Council with its Union of the Year Award. 

Humboldt CFA Chapter President Michael Camann accepted the award for the CFA chapter. At an awards dinner, Kathryn Donahue presented the honor on behalf of last year’s recipient, the California Nurses Association.

At the time of the award presentation, CFA was preparing to go on strike. Camann described for attendees the trend that got us to that juncture:

This is the WalMart model of under-employment and until very recently one of the best kept secrets of academia. Today, a majority of university faculty are unable to afford to live in the communities in which they teach, unable to afford college for their own children, and unable to pay their own, often crushing student debt.

Camann praised the Central Labor Council, which includes unions representing workers in many sectors, for its support throughout CFA’s “Fight for Five”:

Thank you for recognizing our efforts. We are so grateful for your support. And most of all, thank you for standing up for working people wherever they work.

PHOTOS: (Left to right) Humboldt CFA Chapter E-Board members Sharon Chadwick, Gisela Chappelle, Benjamin Shaeffer, and Michael Camann at the podium.