“I’m voting yes!” — Messages from faculty

“I am voting YES to strike because Chancellor Tim White’s offer of a 2% salary pool is disrespectful of my many years of personal sacrifice to uphold the core mission of the CSU! I am voting YES to strike because even as I endeavor to lift up my students, I am personally falling further out of the middle class!!
—Nick Baham, East Bay CFA Chapter President & Professor of Ethnic Studies

“I am voting yes because the CSU has the funds and responsibility to pay fair salaries to faculty. My students and I have sacrificed over the past six years, while we have seen more and more administrators being hired at exorbitant pay.”
—Alejandra Marchevsky, Los Angeles CFA Faculty Rights Chair & Professor of Liberal Studies and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

“I plan to vote to strike, because the Chancellor’s offer is pitiful and because faculty are in bad shape. But maybe even more—and I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately—I want my students one day to want to choose my career.”
—Glen Thorncroft, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly SLO

 “I am voting yes because we have far more students in our classes since I arrived at Fresno State over 25 years ago. Our pay has stagnated while we are asked to do more and more. I also see my colleagues who are lecturers teaching more students with very little support. We need decent livable salaries. If you want a first-rate university, you also need to pay decent salaries with raises to faculty and staff.”
—Rose Marie Kuhn, Professor of French at Cal State Fresno

I’m voting yes “because students’ success depends on retention of passionate, quality faculty on our campus who should be focused on teaching and preparing and not worrying about making ends meet. It is time to stand up for fair pay! Faculty are worth it!”
—Claudia Rodriguez, Sociology at CSU Dominguez Hills

“I’m voting yes because over the past eight years I have watched my bills increase each year but my salary has barely budged! It’s only right that the faculty receive a portion of the increased funding that the CSU has received in recent years.”
—Gretchen Reevy, East Bay CFA Chapter Lecturers’ Rep & Lecturer in Psychology