Incoming CSU Chancellor asks for 10% pay reduction

Incoming CSU Chancellor Timothy White

In an unprecedented move, incoming CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White urged the CSU Board of Trustees to approve a compensation package for him that is 10% lower than what current Chancellor Charles B. Reed receives.

In a letter to the Trustees – who were to take up his compensation Wednesday – White said “each must play a part” to help rebuild the higher education system.

He elaborated:

“By changing the dialogue on my compensation I hope to send a clear signal to the public-at-large, elected officials, the business community, and families of current and future students that public higher education matters to all of us, and that we each must play a part in the rebuilding effort. Working together we must find ways to innovate, sustain excellence, decrease time to earn degrees, and have degrees that have renewed meaning for tomorrow’s economy and social mobility.

“Our time is a transformative – and precarious- moment for the University and the state. By joining together with our faculty, staff and students as we face the challenges and opportunities that lay before us, we will succeed.”

The move is a significant departure from compensation practices under current Chancellor Reed, who has come under fire in recent years for doling out enormous pay hikes for executives at a time when the system suffered from budget cuts.