Incoming Northridge president conducts $350K remodel amid budget cuts & fee hikes

CSU remodel

While student fees continue to rise and CSU management refuses to bargain a fair contract with faculty, CSU Northridge is spending $350,000 to remodel the office and personal residence of incoming President Dianne Harrison.

Watch the CBS reporter Dave Bryan explain the out of touch spending at Northridge.

“This is a time of tight budgets. This is a time of cutbacks. This is a time of faculty furloughed. This is a time of students being locked out of classes. It just sends the wrong message,” CFA Northridge Chapter President Nate Thomas told CBS.

The Northridge remodel comes on the heels of a similar scandal at CSU Fullerton and rumors that other incoming CSU presidents have also been given lump sums of $300,000 or more for similar projects.