Investigative news report uncovers Reed’s spending priorities

Chancellor Reed

KCBS/KCAL, the Los Angeles CBS affiliate, aired an investigation on Monday revealing more than $750,000 in questionable spending by the California State University Chancellor’s Office. Among other things, KCBS/KCAL discovered tens of thousands of dollars spent on catering, private car services and other amenities.

The report includes reactions from students currently engaged in a hunger strike and from faculty. The investigators confronted CSU Chancellor Charles Reed, who defended the spending despite the CSU’s funding challenges.

CFA Associate Vice President Jonathan Karpf said, “This is exactly why students and faculty members are so frustrated with Chancellor Reed. His response to these outrageous expenditures shows again that he is completely out of touch with what is happening on the 23 CSU campuses around the state.

“Student fees are skyrocketing, enrollment is being capped, and class sizes are exploding – yet the Chancellor’s top priority is executive compensation and perks. This 1% mentality is unacceptable when it comes to California’s public higher education system.”

See the KCBS/KCAL Investigative report.