Jeff Lustig remembered

Jeff Lustig

CFA is sad to announce the passing of Sacramento State faculty member and former CFA Statewide Secretary Jeff Lustig.

According to his family, Lustig died June 14 of pancreatic cancer. He was 69.

CFA leaders remember Lustig fondly for his role in helping initiate the “Future of the University” hearings on CSU campuses in 1999. This was CFA’s first foray into explaining the funding challenges confronting the university and the coming crises that would threaten accessible, affordable, quality higher education for all Californians. The hearings brought that message to the campus communities and to a wider audience of lawmakers, members of the media and the public at large.

Lustig was a key participant in building CFA’s commitment to social action in defense of the CSU’s mission and to keep California’s system of public higher education strong.

In addition to being a professor of government at Sacramento, Jeff Lustig was the founding chair of the California Studies Association (1989-1998), director of Sacramento State’s Center for California Studies (1989-1994), president of the Sacramento chapter of CFA (1997-2003), and CFA’s Secretary (1999-2001).

Prior to Sacramento State, Lustig taught at UC Riverside, UC Berkeley and Humboldt State. He also taught intermittently at Deep Springs College, a private, liberal arts school east of Bishop.

During his last few months Lustig was hard at work on a book on the past and future of democracy in California. Editorial writer Pia Lopez discusses it in a thoughtful piece in the Sacramento Bee.

Lustig is survived by his wife, Nora Elliott of Berkeley; son, Jacob Lustig of Alameda; brother, Steve Lustig of Berkeley; sister, Nancy Lustig; and two grandchildren.