Join the Council for Racial and Social Justice at the 2020 Equity Conference

CFA Headlines caught up with John Beynon to talk about the Equity Conference, a biennial conference that will take place for the ninth time on Feb. 28 and 29. Beynon is a Professor of English and Vice President of the Fresno CFA chapter. This is his first time serving as Co-Chair of the CFA Equity Conference.

Who should attend this conference, who is the event for?

The Equity Conference is a special event conference that the CFA’s Council for Racial and Social Justice (formerly the Council for Affirmative Action) hosts every two years. If you are interested in CFA’s commitment to and work around social and racial justice, this is an excellent event at which you can learn more. Reach out to your colleagues who you feel would benefit from being surrounded by CFA members and activists who make social and racial justice a key component of their on-campus service, their teaching, or their community involvement. Work with your Chapter E-Board to facilitate your participation as space is limited!  NOTE: Registration is now open, contact your chapter for further information. 

What is particularly special about this year’s event? 

Our theme — Connecting for Co-Liberation — builds upon the ideas of intersectional identities that we explored at our 2018 Conference. This year, the organizing committee has restructured the way that panels are proposed. Folks within different identity-based communities have been encouraged to work across identity boundaries to develop sessions that respond to the conference’s three main themes: Decolonization, Joy, and Resistance; Intersectional Continuums of Violence and Power; and *(In)(Hyper)Visibility.

What should attendees expect?

CFA member-led sessions — which range in topic from understanding the impacts of violence on transgender immigrants to imagining justice beyond police and prisons — and three keynote sessions. The keynote speakers will discuss the role of race and gender in online search algorithms, the importance of transgender-led movements for justice, and the healing justice practices we as a social justice organization might embrace. Expect traditional panels as well as interactive and creative alternatives.  

What are you most excited about this year? 

The interactive events and those that ask conference goers to “make” something, as they will with this year’s co-liberation quilt!