Join the National Day of Action for $15 Minimum Wage—April 14

CFA members will be at actions all over California Thursday calling for a $15 minimum hourly wage.  You can join in, too. The main events will happen in Los Angeles and Oakland. See where and when below.

Along with CSU faculty, there will be home and child care workers, fast food workers, airport workers and many others in a record 300 U.S. cities and 40 countries calling for fair wages and for corporations and colleges to pay their fair share.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan says, “America’s working class is being short-changed and deserves much, much better.  We’ve seen states like California and New York stand up for a $15 minimum wage, but that is not enough. 

“Every person who goes to work and plays by the rules in this country deserves dignity, respect and a fair salary. We know from experience, that by standing together in solidarity we can accomplish that,” Eagan says.

In addition to CFA in California, faculty mobilizations are happening tomorrow in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Washington State and Vermont. 

As CFA members and supporters know too well, what has long been a middle class job is slipping into part-time often for very low pay, isolated from colleagues without job security, benefits or even office space. Many of these educators across the U.S. earn less than $15 an hour.

About 45 percent of college and university faculty nationwide —60 percent in the CSU— now work on contingent contracts. Taking a play from McDonald’s, the nation’s colleges are acting more and more like big corporations leaving faculty with an impossible choice between their profession and students on one hand, and their families on the other.

More than 10 million people have won $15 an hour since the Fight for $15 started with a small group of fast-food workers in New York a few years ago. It has grown into an international movement spanning more than 35 countries and six continents.


SAN FRANCISCO: 6 am @ 609 Market Street (Montgomery Street BART) / To connect with the CFA delegation contact Sheila Tully

SAN DIEGO: 6:30 am @ San Diego State Aztec Student Union for march / To connect with the CFA delegation contact Charles Toombs

LOS ANGELES: 10:30 am March begins @ 3rd St. & Grand Ave, Downtown / Speakers include CFA / To connect with the CFA delegation contact Michelle Cerecerez 818-292-2868

SACRAMENTO: 11 am @ South Steps of the State Capitol / To connect with the CFA delegation contact Jason Conwell 916-761-0194

SAN JOSE: 11 am @ McDonald’s, 2680 Story Road / Speakers include San Jose CFA Chapter President Preston Rudy

OAKLAND: 2 pm March begins @ Oakland City Hall on Broadway / 4 pm Rally @ McDonald’s, 1330 Jackson St / To connect with the CFA delegation contact Maureen Loughran 510-206-1263

Speakers at the Oakland rally include CFA President Jennifer Eagan, National SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, and many more. Buses of Fight for 15 marchers are coming into Oakland from around Northern California.