June 5 Primary is only three weeks away

While millions of California’s vote-by-mail voters are now returning their ballots in California’s June 5 Primary, there is still time for others to register to votehttps://registertovote.ca.gov/—the deadline is next Monday, May 21.

The race getting the most press, of course, is for governor, and one of great interest for educators is Superintendent of Public Instruction. CFA members are receiving a letter at home explaining why educators would do well to vote for Gavin Newsom for Governor and Tony Thurmond for Superintendent.

Meanwhile, pro-charter school billionaires are bolstering the gubernatorial campaign of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is attacking teachers for problems in K-12. Many of the same funders are promoting a long-time campaigner for charter schools against Thurmond.

Newsom has been outspoken in support of additional funding for the CSU saying, “I would appropriate more money to begin with. That’s not going to be an issue if we’re successful in November—you’ve got my word on that.”

Dozens of CFA members in San Francisco and Los Angeles have been working with the Newsom campaign to send text messages to likely voters seeking their support for Newsom.

JOIN THE ACTION: Campus CFA chapters are helping CFA members get connected to work on campaigns, now through election day, June 5. Sign up on CFA’s web site to signal someone to reach out to you. Join with our colleagues to campaign for public higher education.

SUPPORT FOR ORANGE COUNTY STATE SENATOR JOSH NEWMAN: CFA members have been out in force alongside labor allies in Orange County, L.A., and San Bernardino to stop a recall of state Senator Josh Newman. The upbeat and knowledgeable Newman has been a good CFA ally, supporting the CSU since he was elected in 2016. Now, special interests want to recall him with a costly, misleading and unnecessary special election in June. In a news interview, Newman said of the recall campaign’s attacks on him, “Now we know why good people don’t go into politics. It is a mean business.”

SEE CFA’S ENDORSED CANDIDATES: CFA chapters on the 23 CSU campuses interview candidates and make endorsement recommendations to the CFA Political Action Committee and then CFA’s Board of Directors. See CFA’s endorsements in the June 5 primary

PHOTO: CFA members and staff turned out to Gavin for Governor’s San Francisco campaign office. Left-to-right: CFA Field Representative Maureen Loughran, San Francisco CFA Chapter Political Action & Legislation Chair Ron Hayduk, CFA Representation Director Kathy Sheffield, and San Francisco CFA Chapter President James Martel.

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