Labor, education leaders call on CSU Chancellor White to settle faculty contract

Leaders of national education organizations have sent letters to CSU Chancellor White calling on him to settle the faculty contract and provide the salaries we need to support both our families and a quality education for our students.

Here are selections and click on the links to view the full text:

Mary Kay Henry, International President
Service Employees International Union (SEIU):

“For too many years, faculty have gone without significant salary increases, struggling to make ends meet for their own families despite dedicating their professional lives to educating the next generation to succeed. They are working professionals with the highest degrees in their field, and yet many live paycheck to paycheck. …Please prioritize student learning by investing to ensure that your faculty have all the resources they need to do their job, support their families, and inspire students for years to come.”

Laphonza Butler, President, and John Youngdahl, Executive Director
Service Employees International Union State Council:

“We work hard (during budget season) to ensure that lawmakers understand the critical role that the CSU plays in the education of the state’s students… We lobby on your behalf, and yet when additional funding is provided to the CSU, the faculty—those who are instrumental to the CSU’s core mission of teaching—are left behind to languish. …We would ask that you to change the course of this conversation. The faculty have authorized a strike vote, and we will stand with them if, indeed, it comes to pass.”

Eric Heins, President, California Teachers Association:

““As an elementary school teacher, I can tell you firsthand that our kids dream about going to college and growing up to be scientists, doctors, architects and yes, even teachers. They deserve faculty who challenge, engage and inspire them. Yet, what kind of message are we sending students if many CSU faculty aren’t earning a wage that allows them to pay bills or make ends meet each month? CSU faculty deserve salaries that reflect their professionalism and education experience.”

Rudy Fichtenbaum, President
American Association of University Professors:

“CFA is asking for a 5% increase plus service increases for those eligible. After some six years with no salary increases to speak of, this is more than fair… The American Association of University Professors stands behind our colleagues in the California Faculty Association. The fight for public higher education is a fight in which we all have a stake.”

Photo: SEIU State Council’s Youngdahl address the November 17 Fight for Five Rally at the CSU Chancellor’s Office