Lack of Faculty diversity topic of State Assembly hearing at San Jose State, Oct. 6

The Assembly Higher Education Committee of the California State Legislature will hold a public hearing at San Jose State tomorrow to explore the lack of diversity of the faculty teaching in the CSU, the Community Colleges, and the UC.

Oversight Hearing on Improving Faculty Diversity California’s Public Colleges and Universities

  • San Jose State University Student Union
  • Thursday, October 6, 10 am-6 pm
  • The hearing is open to the public and CSU faculty are encouraged to attend

In a background document issued by the Higher Education Committee in advance of the hearing, the committee notes that despite ongoing “activity and interest, the lack of faculty diversity remains a significant issue in all three segments.”

The final page of the document lists questions the hearing will explore, including “Why have the segments been unable to make major gains in this area, despite numerous programs at each segment?”

After an opening by Thuy Thi Nguyen, President, Foothill College, management will testify including Christine Mallon, CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs and Faculty Development, followed by faculty testimony, and public comments.

Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate Vice President for Affirmative Action, will provide faculty perspective from the CSU. [Read his testimony given at the hearing]

While preparing his testimony, Canton took a break to remark, “We are a nation in crisis, a crisis that shows up on our campuses, too, in the ways we relate to one another and in the steps we and our administration take to solve problems. We don’t see things as they really are; we see them through the lens of our unconscious biases.”

On the topic of the hearing, Canton added, “The CSU administration has not addressed the extant issues that are facing our university system, like diversity of the faculty. Institutional bias and racism are key factors in why we have not changed the core aspect of our public higher education system.”

PHOTO: CFA leader Cecil Canton, who will testify at the hearing.