Lecturer Faculty: Unemployment claims being audited? CFA can help

Lecturers at several CSU campuses have reported being audited for their unemployment claims, but CFA is helping faculty successfully respond and when necessary, contest those cases.

The Employment Development Department (EDD) has been increasingly auditing Lecturers, asserting that they have been “overpaid” for unemployment benefits received during times when they were not teaching, such as summer. In some cases, Lecturers have received letters demanding back payments and penalties.

CFA has been helping faculty contest the audits, and many of those we assist with, are successful in contesting these matters. There also is helpful information in our CFA Lecturers Council guide to unemployment rights. For a template appeal letter, click here.

Any Lecturers who receive a Notice of Potential Overpayment from EDD should contact CFA Lecturer Representative Antonio Gallo (South) at agallo@calfac.org.

“Remember, since the implementation of the 2014-20 CBA, we Lecturers are term employees from the official start date of each term until the official end date, and are earning our term salaries between these dates,” Karpf said.

If you have questions or have been contacted by EDD, please contact your local CFA chapter today. The union is here to help you!