Legislation to protect the CSU heading to hearings April 18

Three pieces of legislation that would protect CSU students and faculty, and maintain quality higher education in the state will be discussed during hearings on April 18 at the Capitol.

Faculty are encouraged to attend and will testify on behalf of Assembly Bills 21 (Kalra), 393 (Quirk-Silva), and 1464 (Weber), all of which are sponsored by CFA, during the Tuesday hearings. To watch the meetings via Assembly Televising, click here.

  • AB 21, which seeks to alleviate the impact of potential changes at the federal level to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and protections for students, faculty, and staff whose immigration status is at risk, is scheduled to be discussed at 9 am in the Assembly Committee on Judiciary in Room 437. The bill is authored by Assemblymember Ash Kalra.
  • AB 393 is scheduled to be heard at 1:30 pm in the Assembly Committee on Higher Education in Room 437. AB 393, authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, would freeze tuition and mandatory system-wide fees in the CSU and California Community Colleges through the 2019-20 academic year. Click here to send a message to your legislator about the need to support AB 393.
  • AB 1464 also is slated to be heard during the 1:30 pm Assembly Committee on Higher Education in Room 437. That bill, authored by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber, would place in statute an eight-year strategy to increase the number of tenure track faculty in the CSU.

Click here to read more about the bills.

Last week, faculty and students met with legislators during CFA’s Lobby Day to discuss the bills and the need for increased CSU funding this fiscal year. Click here to learn more about CFA Lobby Day and to view a photo gallery from the two-day event.

Photo: Cal Poly Pomona delegation members Art Sutton, Gabriel Lozano, Norm Nise, Jay Swartz, David Speak, and Marvin Morales met with Assemblymember Chris Holden (center) during Lobby Day.