Legislative Hearing to take up “Closing the Degree Gap”

Most of us in public higher education know that California is not on pace to put enough college degrees in the hands of Californians. Studies say the state’s economy will feel it soon, and it won’t be possible to “import” enough college-educated people to solve it.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Assembly Higher Education Committee, chaired by Assemblymember José Medina and the Assembly Budget Subcommittee No 2 on Education Finance, chaired by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, will hold a joint legislative hearing to explore “Closing the Degree Gap.”

Panels will include representatives from the UC, CSU and Community College administrations, as well as the Public Policy Institute of California, which has produced some of the research describing the problem.

CFA will comment on the impact of too little funding provided for the CSU in the state budget, and what it will take to step up enrollment. CFA will note that the governor’s state budget plan for the coming year will not even support the students already in the CSU, much less enroll more. The current budget allocations mean tens of thousands of qualified students are being turned away from the CSU every year.

Audio or video links to watch the hearing can be found here as we get closer to Feb. 6

PHOTO: CFA members at CSU Fullerton have turned out on campus in regalia to signal their support for students and the importance of getting that degree.