Legislative Update: Looking forward to future progress

The end of session was disappointing. The governor vetoed one CFA-sponsored bill and removed additional CSU funding from a bill we strongly supported. We will continue to work for future progress towards adequate funding and appropriate disclosure of public information.

AB 46 (Pan): Student Data, Private Vendors & the CSU

This bill would have ensured the CSU receives all student data collected by third-party private vendors involved in instruction. It also would have protected students and faculty members by not allowing private vendors to sell information on students or courses. We were disappointed the governor vetoed this bill.

AB 46 would have provided a clear requirement to share information as the CSU experiments with online education and public-private partnerships.

“It is discouraging that Gov. Brown does not share our perspective on the need for this example of good government legislation,” said Kevin Wehr, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislative Committee.

AB 1476 (Budget): $100 million one-time augmentation to CSU, UC

This was an update to the 2014 Budget Bill. Among its provisions, this bill would have provided the UC and the CSU with $50 million each in one-time supplemental funding to address critical deferred maintenance needs at each system. The governor blue-penciled the $100 million in appropriations.

“I’m disappointed Governor Brown has again demonstrated that public higher education is not one of his budgetary priorities. The CSU continues struggling to re-build after years of budget cuts and slow faculty hires while student enrollments surge,” Wehr said.