Legislators say: Chancellor White! Reach agreement with CFA before April strike

More than 30 state legislators have sent letters to Chancellor White calling on him to come to an agreement with the faculty on our pay.

San Jose-area Assemblymember Evan Low made the call even stronger when he learned of the impending CSU faculty strike, wrote: “As a graduate of the CSU, I understand the value of quality education and the importance of having good faculty in the classroom. The faculty has been an essential part of producing educated members and future leaders of Silicon Valley and California.

Low added, “But time and time again, the CSU failed to support their faculty with adequate resources and incentives to keep them on their campuses and in California. It is my hope that the CSU will finally side with the faculty and find a resolution before the impending strike. I proudly stand with the CSU faculty in their ‘Fight for Five.’”

Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, chair of the State Assembly’s Education Committee, called on the CSU administration to “provide equitable compensation” for CSU faculty, “Maintaining California’s reputation as a global leader in higher education can only be achieved by attracting and retaining talented faculty for our campuses,” he wrote. “As a teacher and Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, I stand in strong support of the ‘Fight for Five’ campaign to ensure California’s students are mentored by the best and brightest. California needs one million more college degrees by 2030 and we cannot reach that goal without the dedicated faculty of the CSU.”

State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, issued a new statement this week, as well. Dr. Pan is a former UC Davis faculty member who knows about “the vital role that the faculty has in not only teaching and mentoring students, but in the success of our overall communities,” he wrote. “While state funding and student fees have changed over the past decade, CSU faculty salaries have remained basically flat. It is imperative that our faculty, who are in the classrooms and laboratories, have the support of the administration to ensure our students receive a quality education. I urge a speedy and fair resolution that honors the core mission of the university system in educating the next generation of Californians.”

Assembly member Cheryl R. Brown, who represents the San Bernardino area, is a CSU graduate herself. She announced, “I am extremely supportive of [the CSU’s] students and faculty. In order to recruit and retain the best educators for our universities it is imperative that their compensation reflect the tremendous contribution they make to our higher education system. It is my hope and expectation that the CSU faculty and administration will reach a timely agreement that fairly compensates faculty and preserves students’ access to a quality education.”

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