Legislators urge Chancellor White to invest in faculty

Fifteen California lawmakers have sent letters to Chancellor Timothy White urging him to invest in faculty and student success.

In a Sept. 21 letter, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León wrote, “Without quality faculty, students cannot succeed.”

He noted the state allocated millions more than the governor requested for the CSU in order to increase enrollment, course offerings, and support services for students and that “university faculty are instrumental to the implementation of these initiatives.”

Senator de León urged Chancellor White to “recognize the valuable contributions the faculty makes to students and the entire university community.” He added, “The CSU faculty are instrumental in achieving this goal and as such, I urge a resolution to ensure students receive the best education possible.”

In another message, Assemblymember Rob Bonta asked the chancellor to reconsider his 2% salary offer given restored resources and “increased competition for critical faculty.”

“While I do not expect a decade of wage stagnation to be reversed in a single year, this offer does not demonstrate a serious commitment to achieving wage parity with other institutions of public education, much less to provide the world-class education California’s students deserve and its 21st century workforce demands,” Bonta wrote.

Others who sent letters to the chancellor supporting CFA in the contract talks include Assembly Speaker-Elect Anthony Rendon, Assemblymembers Luis Alejo, Susan Bonilla Jim Cooper, Mike Gipson, Lorena Gonzalez, Patty López, Evan Low, Patrick O’Donnell, Miguel Santiago, and Tony Thurmond, and Senators Ben Allen and Isadore Hall.