Letter: Legislative Tri-Caucus concerned about impact of graduation initiative

Last week, leaders of the California Legislative Tri-Caucus – which is comprised of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, Latino Legislative Caucus, and the Legislative Black Caucus – sent a letter outlining the concerns they had with the CSU Graduation Initiative.

The letter is addressed to Kati Haycock, President of the Education Trust, and Janis Somerville, Staff Director of the National Association of System Heads, whose organizations authored the report “Charting a Necessary Path” upon which the CSU Graduation Initiative is based.

The letter states:

“….proposed actions to improve graduation rates and close the student achievement gap in the California State University system appear to disregard the crucial point of your initiative that student access measures must be incorporated to ensure access for at-risk students is not compromised….

“For a system as large as the CSU, which offers the only hope of a four-year degree for a broad swath of an increasingly diverse state population, it is crucial that the laudable goal of increasing graduation rates not be achieved by sacrificing student access and equity.”

Read the full letter.