Links of the week

Gov. Jerry Brown on CSU, state budget: be more realistic
Gov. Jerry Brown delivered a simple message to California State University trustees on Tuesday during a discussion on funding the system next year. “I can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, can’t get water out of a stone,” said Brown, after a presentation on a preliminary support budget proposal that aims at gaining at least $100 million more than what the governor expects to give CSU for fiscal 2014/15. — Long Beach Press Telegram

What the Shutdown Means for Colleges, Students and Scholars
Continuous updates on what is being shutdown that affects higher education across the U.S. —Inside Higher Education

Chancellor White: CSU’s new big man on 23 campuses
Dorothy Wills, chapter president of CFA at Pomona, said White has been a breath of fresh air for faculty wanting an open door to discuss policy issues. “He’s a real academic,” Wills said. “He came up through the ranks of being a department chair, and the dean and so on. He was a college professor like us. He understands our issues and he’s a product of institutions like ours. That’s very, very important to the faculty.”  —Long Beach Press Telegram

Part-time professors at Tufts to unionize
Part-time professors at Tufts University have voted to unionize, the first group to do so in a campaign to organize adjuncts at more than 20 Boston-area colleges. —Boston Globe