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San Jose’s MOOC busters heralded among Higher Ed’s ‘most influential’ of 2013
San Jose State philosophy department members were listed among the Chronicle of Higher Education’s 10 most influential people for their efforts in calling out Massive Open Online Courses in an open letter to university executives, governor and legislature of California and MOOC providers and advocates. – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Undergrads return to crumbling Burmese university
Cautionary tale: Rangoon University, once among Asia’s most prestigious institutions of learning, reopens to undergraduates Thursday for the first time in nearly two decades. The junta that ruled Burma for half a century gutted education, which received 1.3 percent of the budget, compared to 25 percent for defense. — San Francisco Chronicle

Moody’s: New Survey Finds Over 40% of Universities Face Falling or Stagnant Tuition Revenue and Enrollment
Moody’s has long rated public university bonds well on the grounds that they can always raise tuition. Now the investment rating agency finds at many public and not for profit schools tuition revenue is slowing. In addition to depressed family incomes and net worth they find many students can’t keep paying more. — Moody’s

Penn State study shows MOOCs have few active users, completion rates
The Penn State Graduate School of Education analyzed a million users through 16 Coursera courses offered by the University of Pennsylvania from June 2012 to June 2013. Among the findings were that Massive Open Online Courses have relatively few active users and engagement drops dramatically after the first few weeks, with completion rates averaging 4% across all courses. – Penn State GSE

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